Acrylic nails and sensitive skin... how they can help

8 May 2019

Okay what have acrylic nails and sensitive skin got to do with each other?! Well, quite a bit as I recently discovered.

So you know how much I love to travel and chase the sun, and recently I was soooo lucky as I got to go to Dubai. But just before I went I did have a flare up and my hands and arms were really sore and itchy. I was glad to be going to such a warm climate as I knew that would help with my sensitive skin. But I had been scratching a lot, especially at night, and I needed to do something else to stop me damaging my skin.

Acrylic nails and sensitive skin... why I got them done

You know what it’s like at night when you’re having a flare up, right? You wake up scratching, there’s blood on the sheets, your skin feels like it’s on fire and you could weep at the scratch marks you’ve given yourself. But because it’s happening in your sleep it’s out of your control. It can be so disheartening, because all the good work you put in during the day by eating healthily, exercising, relaxing, meditating, seems to suddenly become unravelled.

This is where you can sink a bit if you’re not careful. You start to wonder what the point is of making any effort not to scratch during the day if you’re just going to undo everything at night. So you scratch anyway, your skin gets worse, you feel worse, and so the cycle continues.

But all that belongs very firmly in my past now! Of course I’d love it if I never had another flare up ever again. But I’m realistic and I know I can’t just wish my sensitive skin away. Instead it’s about learning the tricks and tips and techniques which can help when a flare up does happen.

Which brings me back to my acrylic nails! When I was in Dubai I got so fed up with overnight scratching I decided to have them done. I’d filed my nails down as short as possible, but nails are pretty hardcore even when they’re as short as can be. But acrylic nails are blunt so it’s harder to scratch and damage your skin.

I’m not really one much for beauty stuff that needs a lot of input because I’m a carefree kind of girl (or am I just lazy?!). And I’m definitely more one for the natural look. So having my nails done was more for the practical side than the beauty side. But if they’re going to help me not cut my skin then girl I’m getting them!

I went for a really natural-looking acrylic nail and to be honest I thought they looked really good. Because my flare up had been mainly on my hands and wrists it was nice to see my hands starting to look good again. And they worked! I had gone to scratch a couple of times but I literally couldn’t because the nails weren’t sharp enough! It was a revelation actually.

So sometimes it’s worth turning our thinking around. We can do our best to keep our sensitive skin at bay but with the best will in the world we can’t stop an occasional flare up. But what we can do is face it head on. And if that meant getting some smart new nails, then so be it!

Have you ever had your nails done did you find it helped? Let me know @camilleknowles.


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