Loving life... and you can too

Living with eczema has encouraged me to do things in my life I never would have done otherwise. Like moving to study abroad in California on my own, study health coaching, how to become a natural chef, and now deciding to be my own boss, write a self-help book and develop my own wellness products. After some serious issues with the condition, I’ve learned lots of ways to see the beauty in it.

My journey

Eczema is part of my journey, but it doesn’t define me. And I’ve discovered how a positive mindset, food, lifestyle, skincare and relaxation techniques can help me get gorgeous, glowing skin. Discover my HOPE principles and I believe you’ll find the beauty in it and relief from it too.

HOPE Program

my passions

I love making healthy recipes and finding new wellness cafés. I’m also an exercise junkie, everything from yoga for relaxation to HIIT workouts for a high-impact buzz. Travel is my other big passion, I love to chase the sun and get my salty sea fix. My beauty passion has been lifelong. I’m on a mission to discover the best products that not only soothe sensitive skin but are fun and stylish to use too!

my qualifications

Health Coach (The Institute of Integrative Nutrition NYC) – My lifelong dream to study health coaching came true when I applied for this course.
Natural Chef (College Of Naturopathic Medicine) – This was the course I needed to really learn how to write my own recipes and be professionally taught how to cook healthy food.
BA Hons in Marketing & Brand Management (The University of Gloucestershire) – My business degree finally came in handy!

  • "My skin is now eczema free, my confidence has increased dramatically and I will happily leave the house with no make-up. Through gaining this confidence I have secured a promotion at work. You have changed my life. "

    Hannah, England

  • "Camille guided me when I was at one of my lowest points in life, helping me with my eating habits and most importantly supporting me when I didn’t have anyone else. She is super patient and has always been there. I learnt I must nourish myself in and out. "

    Bettina, Malta

  • "I contacted Camille when I was feeling very low. I can't thank her enough for all the advice, knowledge, messages, love and healing power she has given me. Help, advice and support was only an email away, she gave me hope that I was on the right track and that I would heal. I feel like I have made a friend for life. "

    Alice, England

  • "I have Camille to thank for introducing me to a completely new way of living that's improved my health and my life no end. Camille is such a wonderful, positive and helpful person, she inspires me to keep learning. I know anyone would benefit and feel happier with a little Camille in their life. "

    Georgia, England

  • "I was going through a divorce, working hard and I have two small babies, I felt really low, had rashes up the side of my arms and my skin was dull and dry. Camille gave me advice on what to cook, prepare and buy when I went to the supermarket. Camille would always be there to help me and guide me in the right direction. "

    Hollie, England

  • "Camille changed my life. She helped me quickly understand the food and drink that made me wake up feeling horrible and helped me get my condition under control – so even if I did have a flare up, I didn’t worry. Thank you so much. "

    Holly, Australia

  • "Working with Camille has been the most amazing journey. She has helped me to improve my sleeping, eating and enjoyment of life. My physical appearance has improved as well as my thyroid condition, with bloating and digestion no longer troubling me. "

    Kelly, New Zealand

  • "My son has suffered from eczema since being a baby and was still suffering at the age of nine. Camille understood everything and was brilliant at giving advice on his diet and creams to use. She is professional in every way. Just a few little lifestyle changes has made a huge difference. "

    Simone, England